Michael Gellert


Welcome to my website. It is designed to be a harbor for my passionate interest in the mysterious workings of the psyche. How the unconscious affects our lives—both psychologically and spiritually, both as individuals and nations—is something very much on my mind these days. We live in times that increasingly demand us to awaken to our own inner forces, for these can have profound effects not only on our personal well-being, but on everyone and everything around us.

Whether you are interested in my books or in possibly working with me as your therapist, there is hopefully ample material here to pique your curiosity and answer any questions you may have. If your questions are not answered, please don't hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to hear from you.

Michael's recent book

Far From This Land

A Memoir About Evolution, Love, and the Afterlife

Far From This Land is inspired by the author's dreams and visionary experiences in response to brain surgery. Unfolding as a dialogue between different parts of his personality, its story is told from the perspective of an alter ego, a skeptical part of him that could not believe and accept these astonishing dreams and visions. Throughout his story he is resistant to accepting his near-death experience (NDE)—an extraordinary one by most standards. He has to fight his way to embracing, reluctantly, the implications this experience has for his personal development as well as his understanding of human evolution. The book explores such topics as the workings of the unconscious mind (dreams, visions, and paranormal phenomena); the evolution of consciousness and of our planet; and the psychological and spiritual dimension of climate change.

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