The Way of the Small

The Way of the Small explores the principles of a sound, wholesome existence for both the individual and society.  A practical and spiritual guide to fulfillment, it reframes the search for happiness, meaning, and success by giving us new perspectives derived from old wisdom.  It illustrates that happiness is found in “the small”—in celebrating the precious small gifts of ordinary life and in experiencing the sacred in all aspects of life.  Reminding us that “less is more, simpler is better,” Michael Gellert offers a viable alternative to the grandiose thinking that is responsible for so many of our personal and global problems.

The Way of the Small

  • identifies essential skills to navigate life in our complicated world
  • provides simple principles to discover true happiness
  • draws upon major religions, spiritual teachings, and the experiences of famous people to show how you, too, can become a master of the small

“This is a jewel of a book. There is a pearl inside it. Read the words closely, and you will discover that pearl—elusive, precious, and tiny.”

–from the Foreword by Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul and Dark Nights of the Soul


“Balancing our inner and outer worlds, this beautiful book is both deeply spiritual and eminently practical. It masterfully empowers us to thrive in a simple way in our overwhelmingly complex times. Original, eloquent, wise, and inspiring, this is an important book that should be read by everyone.”

Robert A. Johnson


"A bold, persuasive book has come to teach us how we can all be winners, with no losers, at the game of life."

Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People