Modern Mysticism

(Note: First edition published under the title of The Still Good Hand of God: The Magic and Mystery of the Unconsious Mind)

Modern Mysticism explores the spiritual nature of the unconscious mind, revealing its role in artistic and scientific creativity, paranormal occurrences, visionary dreams, and mystical illumination. It shows how the unconscious—a vast, largely untapped region of the psyche—is unrestricted by laws of causality and connected not only to the physical world but to the transcendent. Approaching religious experience as a natural phenomenon of the mind, Michael Gellert makes it more comprehensible. By cultivating an openness to the unconscious, all of us—not just mystics, saints, and spiritual masters—can have a religious experience.

Modern Mysticism

  • recounts intriguing true stories to illustrate creative inspiration, precognition and other paranormal experiences, and altered states of consciousness
  • integrates theories from physics and psychology to provide insight into the magical and mysterious workings of the unconscious mind
  • explains how inner transformation occurs in experiences like the dark night of the soul and in the practice of meditation, prayer, and sports

“A psychotherapist writes that rarest of works—a look at the wondrous and mysterious worlds of the unconscious mind, moving from the paranormal to the highest spiritual experience.”

Sophy Burnham, author of A Book of Angels


“Gellert takes you with him, into the whale’s belly and out! An extraordinary experience—not to be wished for and not to be missed!”

Diane Wolkstein, author of The First Love Stories


“This book is wonderful, as it is both challenging and comforting. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about spirituality.”

Rabbi Arthur Gross-Schaefer