The Fate of America
Introduction xi
Part I: America's Heroic Ideal  
Prelude: The Aspiration Toward Greatness 2
1. Two Souls Within the Human Beast 9
The Spirits of Youth and Authority 9
One Plus One Equals Three 12
America's Alternating Current 15
America's Bias 17
The Fallout from Fallout Out of Balance 21
A Big Bang 25
The American Heroic Ideal, Yesterday and Today 27
2. The Revolutionary 29
A Distant Galaxy 29
The Recognition of Necessity 32
The Cultivation of Character 35
3. The Frontiersman 39
The Backwoods Boasters 39
The Quitessential American Hero 43
The Mysterious Indianization of the American People 46
4. Contemporary Heroic Idealism 50
The Continuing Saga of the Cowboy 50
A Simple Problem 52
The Heroism of Sports 53
The Divided Hero 56
The Divided Society 59
The Diffusion of the Heroic Ideal 62